Architecture: Any structure of human creation, tangible or otherwise which produces an outcome or effect. We are all architects; but we often do not know what edifice or idea to which our efforts contribute.




The Weekly Tirade countdown is complete, Tirade #100 has been posted! The first ArchitectureINK tirade was posted on September 13, 2000 - right around the time the first "blogs" were being created. At that time, who would have thought the Blogosphere would have become such a rich tapestry of discourse? The power of the internet is just beginning to be revealed... Hope you enjoy the next 100 tirades as much as the first 100.

As always, enjoy our featured content and the treasure trove of past issues always availble at ArchitectureINK.

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Metropolitan Memories
When Aaron Betsky was first writing for this magazine in the '80s, New York City was a magnet for wealth, and architecture towed the line. Decades later, as he notes, the Upper East Side faction that first made that area safe for people who match their dogs with their fur coats is still going strong. The late founder of the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic District, Halina Rosenthal is still quoted on their press releases comparing some townhouses in jeopardy to a "corps de ballet," saying "we will oppose this dismantling of the Upper East Side Historic District as we would the dismantling of the tout ensemble of Swan Lake." If only Ms. Rosenthal had been around in 2002, she might have put her obviously formidable energy toward saving Richard Meier's Bronx Developmental Center. To see that building properly mourned go to